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The return of Mike's Portfolio, the images that make up some of his favorites. Most of these images have never been seen other than here. Many are on display at his home only.


Senior Calendars ~ several styles to choose from! Scroll down

Digital Art Strip, Custom designed, 8 x 20 image, framed and under acrylic.

Digital Art Strips are popular with parents too!
Custom desk calendar, 13 images - 1 year, perfect for the office or kitchen counter!

Wall calendars available too! Single page with entire year, 8x10 or 11x14, see top of page above.

Composite images, your ideas considered and used in creation of custom art work. One of a kind, just for you!
Wall Portraits, 11x14, 
16 x 20  
and larger, 
a special treat for mom or dad.


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