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At Michael Bell Photography we take our wedding photography very seriously. This is not only a special day for you, but another day for us to demonstrate our skill and ability in capturing the events of your wedding day. With 20+ years of experience photographing weddings, Mike gets more Thank You cards and complements with his manner and style of photographing weddings. You'll want a professional photographer with the skill and ability to create those memories of a lifetime on your most special day!!

Q. What does Mike do at a wedding?

A. To start, the bride now has many options about how her wedding is photographed. A style of wedding photography that is very popular today is a more free style or photojournalistic style of photography. It provides many advantages. With the smaller packages, more time is available for the reception. This means the bride can get a her pre-wedding photographs and still have plenty of time for the reception. 

Q. When do we start?

A. Your wedding day actually starts weeks before the wedding. The Bride meets with Michael about three to four weeks before the wedding day, to discuss just what Mike plans to do. This planning will provide the Bride with a schedule of when she and her ladies need to be dressed and ready, what time the Groom is expected to be ready with his best man and his attendants. And what time family members need to be available for portraits. All of these issues and more are resolved during this short appointment with Mike.

Q. What happens during the ceremony?

A. During the ceremony Mike is VERY busy. Using the rear of the sanctuary, timed exposures of your special event will be captured. No flash or disturbing movement for your special day during the actual event!

Q. After the ceremony?

A. After the ceremony, a quick altar return for those special images of the new husband and wife!! Mike usually has the Bride and Groom on their way in about 20 ~ 30 minutes (depending on what special requests you made in your planning session).

Q. The reception?

A. Receptions are normally handled in a very traditional manner. Mike will coordinate the events (toast, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, etc., with your DJ or band header. That way we can keep your reception moving and make sure everyone has a great time.

Q. What do I need to do on my wedding day?

A. Be beautiful and radiant. Mike will handle the rest. At most weddings, the bride and groom later tell Mike that they had no idea what to do, all the planning was totally forgotten once they were in front of the crowd. Mike helped guide them though their most nervous times.

Q. Posing?

A. Mike selects all posing and poses, Mike will base the pose selection on many factors, the type of gown you select, your hair style will even be taken into consideration. The layout at the front of the sanctuary for the groups. All things must be considered. That's why you're hiring Michael Bell Photography in the first place!

Q. Others taking pictures?

A. When Mike is creating portraits on his background and at the altar, no one is allowed to take photographs, this includes video. Mike has learned from many years of experience that too many cooks will usually spoil the dinner. What that means is very simple. When Mike is working to create a mood and to get everyone's attention during the portraits, a "strange flash" going off will in most cases cause someone (usually the BRIDE) to blink, if Mike happens to be taking his portrait at that instant, you'll have that blink in your wedding album.... and we all hate it when we see the ruined pictures caused by blinks. Think how you will feel, "Uncle Harold tried to help and ruined a portrait, on the most important day of my life". Besides, with Mike's camera's costing so much more than the average point and shoot, why risk ruining that perfect moment. Video is not allowed during Mike's portrait session for the same reason. Every one starts to watch the wrong person. As a professional photographer, Mike must have your undivided attention.

Q. Will my portraits look like the samples on-line?

A. With the proper planning and cooperation, Mike always feels that the most recent wedding photographs are even BETTER than what you have seen on his web site!! Mike is always growing and working hard to make each wedding album better than the last. No exceptions!!

Q. What does each Wedding Package Collections contain? What comes in the package and how is it configured? Can I get Prices and a detailed description of each Package and what they contain?

A. Click the button to view our Wedding Collections.  


Relax..... It's your Wedding Day...


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