Wedding Photography

Choosing your wedding photographer will be possibly one of the most important decisions you’ll. make for your wedding day.

Your photographer must have the experience and ability to capture every special moment of that special day. Photographs, more than anything else, keep our memories alive and as recent as the day they take place. Having the best possible photographs, will be the best "buy" of your wedding day, one that will last you a life time.

Many times a bride of the past has called to tell us how much her bridal album means to her. She tells us of the times while her husband is at work, she takes the album and studies each photograph, in private, she views the little details she missed on her wedding day, details she over looked due to all the excitement. She will look through her bridal album many times... while he's away, remembering and dreaming. We hear often: "You created a beautiful album of photographs and captured the FUN of our wedding day."

Keep in mind, your seamstress will alter your gown, your Minister, Priest or official will perform your ceremony, your caterer will serve your guests during the reception, but only your photographer will be with you throughout your entire wedding day; before the ceremony, during the ceremony and at the reception, your photographer must be able to capture the most important memories of your life. Your Photographer will be an important part of your wedding day.

As a Master Photographer, I have the necessary skills and talent to create elegant and beautiful photographs. My photography has won many National Awards. I attend seminars to keep my work fresh and unique. Traveling to various cities just for the opportunity to work and study with some of the finest wedding photographers in the country.

We offer wedding packages in several styles of coverage that we are very proud of. The most popular is a candid free style of photography, this has been a favorite of brides for years. We start about an hour before the wedding and simply capture the events of the day as they unfold. A slight amount of posing, being totally non-intrusive, allows the bride and her party to enjoy her day, this keeps the images very natural.

Also available is a style using a
studio background and professional portrait lighting, setup at your wedding. Usually in a room near the brides dressing area, we’ll create perfect portraits and at no additional cost to you (available on select packages only). This allows us the additional lighting control that I need to create professional portraits on a background. This style requires additional time, so time must be allotted for the pre-wedding portrait session.

With either style, we’ll make use of soft window lighting, use the architecture of the buildings and any surrounding outdoor areas to create stunning environmental portrait’s. I'll work with you, so you know you'll have the very finest photographs of your Wedding Day.

Please accept an invitation to schedule an appointment and visit the studio, we can discuss your wedding plans in detail. There are albums to see and many award winning images on display. We can explain our packages, our pricing structure and the wedding photographs we'll create with you. And we'll just take some time to discover your wedding plans.

Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you.




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