About your wedding day:

To start, the bride now has many options about how her wedding is photographed. Today's bride looks for a more free style, candid photojournalistic style of photography. This style allows for a more spontaneous unfolding of your big day. 

This means the bride will still get her pre-wedding photographs (bridesmaids, parents, etc.) the ceremony images and still have time for the reception photographs.

Your wedding day actually starts weeks before the wedding. The Bride meets with Michael about three to four weeks before the wedding day, to discuss just what we want to do. This planning will provide the Bride with a schedule of when she and her ladies need to be dressed and ready, what time the Groom is expected to be ready with his best man and his attendants. And what time family members need to be available for portraits. All of these issues and more are resolved during this short pre wedding consultation.

We start the photographs about 1 hour before the ceremony. We concentrate on images of the bride, her attendants and her parents. Using the available areas with in the church and the grounds. We didn't forget the Groom he is photographed with his guys and parents too.

With the larger packages, we have more time to work, so we can start about 1 1/2 to 2 hours before the ceremony. It sounds like a lot of time. But Brides are always surprised at how quickly the time will pass. Mike starts with the Groom and his attendants first, that gives the Bride a little more time before she is needed. After finishing with the Groom, the Bride is given special attention. Mike spends more time with her, it is after all, the Brides day. After creating every possible portrait (and using the unique areas of the wedding location), the Bride is returned to her private room to relax and await the time her wedding will begin.

We should have most of the required images before the ceremony, this way we can get the wedding party out of the church or ceremony location, much faster and on their way to the reception after the ceremony.

During the ceremony, images will be created from the rear of the sanctuary, using no flash and creating no disturbances! After all, everyone's attention should be focused on the bride and groom! Following the ceremony, a few more images will be created at the altar, taking approximately 20 minutes.

At the reception, tradition reigns. Depending on your plans, maybe a receiving line, or images of Dad dancing with the Bride and the Groom dancing with his Mom will be taken. A toast to the happy couple, the cake cutting, and the famous feeding of the cake, are all part of the wedding reception experience and fun. Special family members, college friends, they all make up the fun and thrill of your wedding day.

Followed by a bouquet toss and the garter removal, the excitement of the wedding event continues.

If location and time permits, we will create breathtaking outdoor environmental portraits, images that will mean as much to you, as the day we create them.

Every bride has said that it was nice to know that Mike's experience was there guiding them through out the day, helping them by offering suggestions, as each part of the event was taking place and capturing the memories that will otherwise fade with time... But will NEVER fade with the beauty of your wedding album and the awesome photographs within to keep your memories fresh and vivid!

Usually 3 weeks after the wedding, we will call to schedule a time for you to pick up your wedding preview album. At the same time we'll provide you with a password, so that family members and friends can view your wedding images on our secure web site gallery. Family and friends can share in your big day for a second time, on-line ordering is available, family members out of town can now order an image and it will be shipped directly to their home. Family and friends can also make gift arrangements if needed.

Call the studio ( 304•776•4297 ) we'll check to see if your special day is available, we schedule weddings over a year in advance, due to high demand for our services. If the date is available, we can plan a time for you to visit the studio and enjoy viewing our sample albums and wedding portraits. You may also view additional images here, online, starting in our Wedding Gallery's. But nothing will take your breathe away the same as seeing a 20x30 Gallery Wrap Canvas Print.

A wedding agreement/contract must be completed and a reservation fee of $300.00 is required before any wedding date is reserved.

Sorry, but wedding dates are Reserved only with a signed agreement/contract and a paid reservation fee of $300.00. We do not accept wedding scheduling by internet, or e-mail. A wedding is a very personal experience, to the couples, to the families and to us. A quick trip into the studio or a personal phone call is required.

We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards wedding payments.


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