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   Senior Information!

Q. When do I pay?

A. Our sessions are pre-paid, so a payment is needed to reserve your appointment. This has become necessary due to some people trying to reserve times they don't intend to use. The Creation Fee DOES NOT include any photographs, nor is it applied to any order. The fee is for the time and materials used to create your Senior Portraits. This fee does not entitle you to keep any of the original previews.

Q. Can I take my previews out?

A. We are now a 100% digital studio, there will be no paper proofs. All proofing is done on-line.

Q. When do I place my order?

A. Once your images are posted on-line, you can order right then, via credit card. Finished orders are mailed directly to you. You can also order via phone, just make your list and then call us, 304-776-4297.

Q. Can I purchase previews?

A. Previews (proofs) can be purchased when you place a portrait order. They are only printed if you order them.

Q. When do I pay for my order?

A. At the time the order is placed. If you order via phone, you may mail in a check or we can accept your credit card, we accept all major credit cards. If you wish to order on-line, then on-line orders are paid in full at the time you place your order via credit card.

Q. What about a yearbook print?

A. You can order yearbook prints from any pose or use a wallet from your finished order.

Q. What if I can not decide? Can I order later?

A. Yes. If, after 14 days you cannot decide or cannot place an order, you can contact us and we'll repost your images. There is a fee of $25 for this late service. If you place your order with 7 days of the images being reposted, we'll credit your order the $25.

Q. If it rains, should I keep my appointment?

A. No, since all of our portrait sessions are done on location and usually outdoors, rain is always a  problem, call immediately so we can reschedule your session.

Q. Corrections & Retouching?

A. Corrections on hair or clothing will be made by quotation only, at the usual rate of $25.00 per hour. Retouching applies to minor skin blemishes, not to heavy acne, scars, eye glass glare, stray hair or tan lines. These fall under Digital Artwork and require more time for the digital artist to correct. In most cases, the additional cost is well worth it!!

Q. What about braces?

A. We can now remove braces, even though you may not be able to. Braces removal are quoted on a limited basis, meaning we can only tell you if they can be removed, once we start the photography. Sometimes, they can not be removed economically.

Q. How much money should I bring?

A. Since sessions are pre-paid, you should not need to bring anything other than your outfits and your high expectations. 

Q. When will my portraits be ready?

A. Normal posting time is 7~10 days. We will email you when your images are on line and ready for viewing. You will need a password to access your gallery.

Q. What about the High Contrast Black & White Portraits?

A. A dramatic new look, High Contrast B&W is HOT! If you select this add on, we can promise you the most creative portraits of yourself you will EVER see! Also a plain blouse (No large patterns or prints) in mid-tones works the best. Long sleeves and a flattering neckline is great. Hats and even sunglasses look fantastic. It's quite different from regular color portraits. All poses in High Contrast Black & White are head & shoulders, from the bust up.

Q. What can I expect at my photo session?

A. In a word...FUN!! A real photography photo shoot!! It's ok if your a little nervous at first, but you'll soon relax and with our easy going manner and creative photography. Plan on arriving about 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to discuss your outfits. Complete some paper work (Yuck). Mike will select the areas that go with the outfits you bring in. We photograph thousands of seniors, so we think we know which background is best for each outfit you bring in. By being early, you won't feel rushed and we'll have your full appointment time to spend on your photography.

Be sure to wear one of your outfits to the session to save a little time. Pick the one you consider the most traditional and flattering. It's ok to bring more that the listed number of outfits to your session. We'll help you pick the most flattering outfits to wear.


Call early for your appointment!! We schedule our prime appointment dates and times VERY early!! Don't be left out!!


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