Got a Hot Car? Got a Fast Bike? A really Cool set of Wheels? Want photos? Yeah, we do that.

Custom Wall Print
  Let us help create a one of a kind portrait of that special machine in your life. A composite image you will be proud to hang in your study, den or that garage you spend so much time in...  

Some of the above images are models used during the creation of the photo session of the car/bike. They were taken to create a unique/special image of the car/bike and for the model's portfolio. Models are extra in most cases.

The use of the car/bike was in keeping with the theme of  "A Set of Hot Wheels".   This also allowed the creation of some very special images for my portfolio, as well.

Other images are from Senior Portraits, they are actual High School Senior's, taken with their wheels.

So you got a Hot Car? A Mean Street Machine? A Super Mean Bike? Want photos? Yeah, we do that.

Just give us a call.

  (304) 776-4297  



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