Studio News ~ 

Frequency Asked Questions:  Detailed information about what you can expect when you come into the studio. All information is subject to change.

Previews (Originals) are NOT finished Portrait Prints.  They are the property of “Michael Bell Photography”, they are only loaned to you so you can make your pose selections. 

Previews are NOT color corrected and they receive NO retouching. They are provided to assist you in making your Portrait selection, you should look for expression, posing, and your personality in the photograph, so you can choose your final Portraits. 

Please allow 7 to 10 days for color & up to 14 days for black & white originals to be ready, we will call you as soon as the previews are ready and to schedule a short appointment for them to be picked up.

A Non-Refundable Deposit is required to take any original print, folio or preview book from the studio and will be applied to your order, originals are allowed out of the studio for seven(7) days only.

The person signing and picking up previews/originals must be over 18 and is responsible for the originals once they leave the studio. If they are lost or damaged, there will be additional charges. 

Originals may be purchased. Some packages include originals and the remaining previews are available for purchase. 

We accept Visa & Master Card, cash and we will accept a personal check on first original order only.

Attention ALL Students:

Yearbooks: You are responsible for delivering your yearbook prints to your school before their designated deadline. Allow adequate time for ordering and our delivery to you.

What about a yearbook print?

If your school wants you to go to their “school photographer” for your yearbook print--go for the yearbook print only. Remember, you DO NOT have to buy any pictures! Bring in a receipt from your “school” session and we’ll take up to $15.00* off your portrait order. And since you'll come to us for your REAL Senior Portraits, if it’s ok with your school, we’ll provide a 2x3 standard size yearbook print (with purchase). Non-Standard Sizes- are available for a nominal fee.

Every Yearbook has a deadline - we will try to meet it with YOUR  help by ordering on time - please allow approximately 8 weeks for your complete order!! Yearbooks that are ordered less than 3 weeks before school deadline will require a RUSH fee.

Delivery Times:

Children and family portraits, allow 4 ~ 6 weeks for finished orders.

High school seniors & weddings, allow 6 ~ 8 weeks for finished orders (during the busiest season).

Add 2 weeks for Digital Imaging (scars, hair removal, clothing corrections, etc.).

All unpaid balances on final orders must be paid with Cash, Visa & MasterCard only !!! Separated families are responsible for their own payments, deposits and ordering their own packages. Whomever pays for the original session, gets first choice to purchase originals.

Finance charges - All completed orders are to be picked up within 30 days of notice of completion or charges of 1 % per month will be added at an annual percentage rate of 18%.

To Be Determined at the Time You Place Your Portrait Order: Finished Portraits are retouched, to correct blemishes and soften areas to improve the finished appearance of your portrait. A protective lacquer spray is applied for protection from the harmful effects of humidity. Finished Portraits can be printed darker or lighter if you wish. Eye Glass (glare) spotting is digital and is an additional fee (digital fees usually run $35 to $75.00). 

Studio Policies:

Session/Creation Fees are due at the time of the session.

A Non-Refundable Advance is required to take any original previews from the studio. This deposit is applied to your portrait order when the previews are returned. (7 days.) After 7 days, you may lose your advance payment, plus you Will be charged for the originals and each folio, you have out.

Savings! Receive a 2% discount for full prepayment on the first original portrait order, when paid by cash, certified check or money order, (WITH COUPON). When order is placed! No Exceptions!! Your satisfaction is guaranteed on all finished orders.

All unpaid balances on final orders to be picked up, MUST be paid with Cash, Certified Check, Visa, MasterCard or Money Order ONLY! No Personal checks. No third party checks. Full Payment is required before any order is allowed to leave the studio! NO Exceptions!! YEARBOOKS included!

You may purchase any original previews that are not included in your package. The previews remain the property of Michael Bell Photography, but can be purchased after you place a portrait order, with some of our packages, all the previews are yours FREE!

When do you pay for my order? Your order must be paid in full before processing will begin. If you chose to pay a deposit of your order (after deducting your advance) we will then start your order in processing. The balance is due within 15 days of notification your order is completed. Orders not picked up within 15 days (and having a balance due), will have a finance charge of 1% per month(18% APR) applied. We are not responsible for any order left in our studio after 30 days.

What if you can not decide? Can you order later? If, after 7 days you cannot decide or cannot place an order now, return your previews and folios on time! And we’ll keep them in your file for up to 2 months, you can order then. A handling fee is applied to late orders , this way your advance payment will be kept on file waiting for your order.

If it rains, you should keep your appointment, because appointments are hard to get, sometimes taking months of advance planning, so come in for the studio appointment, the outdoors will be rescheduled later. (Radical & Exquisite Sessions only.)

Do we do corrections and enhancements? Corrections on hair or clothing will require digital work,  fees start at $35.00 and can go quite high, but almost anything can be done today with the modern techniques. For ladies, eye enhancements, waist line reduction, and other "figure enhancements are available". Scar removal is also digital.

Retouching applies to minor skin blemishes, it is NOT for scars, eye glass glare, stray hair or tan lines. Digital enhancement is available for all other corrections.

Braces? Can be removed by digital, that way for those seniors and anyone wearing braces, your teeth can be perfect and nothing to impair the image

How do you find the Studio? A map is available here on our web site. Just print it out. Or call the studio(304) 776-4297, and we'll mail you a map and some portrait tips on what to bring and what to wear. All of this information is available here on our web site.






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