Digital Retouching & Enhancement

Have you ever had portraits taken, only to have one person with their eyes closed? Or what about the children, if they would not cooperate? Need an image with multiple people? Or more than one of the same person to illustrate a theme?

With the recent developments in computer technology we can manipulate images with ease, we now offer advanced options that were never available to us before.

Swap heads, correct stray hair, we can even change your eye color. All for a nominal fee. So should the children decide not to cooperate, or at the last minute you need a quick change for the perfect magazine ad, we can offer other options.

Slim a waist line, remove stray hair, remove braces, correct squinting eyes, change eye color and fix blemishes, just a few of the everyday digital work we do.

The studio will be offering different levels of Digital Enhancement for women of all ages. We are working with the finest computer equipment in the country, as we pursue the next level of quality.

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