At Michael Bell Photography, our experience in Digital Enhancement can make the difference between a good photograph and a great image, an image that may be required for your company's annual report, catalog, direct mail piece or a business portrait of the CEO. It may be something as simple as switching heads on a wedding photo to correct for closed eyes, or as complex as removing buildings and power lines from an advertising photo.

What do we offer most? Insurance! With our work, you will get quality images that you can use. If you have ever had photographs taken and then could not use them!! You know what we're talking about!

I guarantee we'll provide images that can be used in your project. Brochures, print ad's, web site images. We can handle it all.

Before Restoration

After Restoration  

Let Us help you with

your next project!


Think about the time saved, no more reshoots because of unsightly power lines in the image, no more reshoots because someone in marketing suddenly decided to use a different logo. So now the boss wants a different color background to go with a new color scheme for a particular product line? No problem, with our state-of-the-art computer systems, we can make those changes and provide the finished files(via ZIP Disk or Cd Rom) directly to your printer for you. We can send the disk(s) to you and after previewing the image at your desk, just call us with any changes, we'll make the changes and send the new file on it's way.


Time is money. When you can save time on a project, with no costly reshoots, or make any necessary corrections without an entire "team" of employee's eating away at your profits....

Now that's time management!! With a Plus!

And a real savings to you. Time and personnel resources are put to their best use.

Call if you need more information, let us show you what we can do for your company and for your image.

  (304) 776-4297  

Our growing list of Commercial Clients:

Allis Mineral Systems, Inc.

American Red Cross

Bauer Publications/Woman's World Magazine

Brown Edwards and Company

Builder's and Architect's Magazine

Cathcart Property Management

Chambers, Paterno & Associates

Charleston Chime Company

Charleston Marriott

Cole's Custom Cycles


Dog Fork Woodwrights


Elkem Materials, Inc.

Ernst & Young  LLP

Event Productions, LLC

FairWay foto's, Inc.

Faraday, Inc.

Hardrock Exploration

Harnischfeger Corporation

Harris Publications

Houff Trucking

Horizon Financial

Hot Rod Bike Magazine

Hubert Jones, Inc.

Industrial Bolt

Kesner, Kesner & Bramble, 
Attorneys at Law

Kevin Moffatt, PLLC, Attorney at Law

Larry L. Rowe , Attorney at Law

Pardee Land Company

Petit Jewelry Design

Pfingston Publishing, Inc.

Portman Equipment Co.

PresSure Products, Inc.

Mani, Ellis & Layne, PLLC

Mingo Logan Coal Company

The Moore Group of Automobile Companies

Nova Specialty Chemicals

Red Oak Fabrics

ReMax Realtors

Rock Branch Mechanical

Rudd Equipment Company

SportMart Super Store

Spring Hill Rod & Gun

State Electric Company

U.S. Senator John D. Rockefeller

Stonestreet Inc.

Trail of, 
Tournament Bass Fishing

Vessels of the Vine

WV Primary Care Associates

WVSR Radio

Women's World Magazine

and many more...

Call for a portfolio review..

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