Children's ~ Portraits
"images of a precious child"

A Portrait of a child is.... 
"Priceless Through Out Time!"

Children change, we don't realize just how quickly time will take away their youth..... But you can capture the images of time, before they change. Let us assist you in designing a portrait you'll treasure for years. No matter what style you decide upon, we can help you make it happen.

Traditional: Looking at the camera, a moment in time, frozen for the rest of eternity.
Playtime: Create a unique image of your child, interacting with props. We'll help make some suggestions if you wish.
Storytelling: Usually not a typical studio portrait, let's pick a unique location, maybe a classical style of clothing, creative props and a final image unlike any other you have ever seen before.

Infants: For infants as early as 6 weeks, we usually include Mom or Dad in the portrait, so call for your appointment.

Toddlers: Once they get to this age, the fun really begins, now they will play, interacting with the camera, expressions and motions, they do it all. Creative fun is as simple a phone call for an appointment.
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